Final Fantasy IV Advance

By on March 21, 2006

Step back in time on the Game Boy Advance this summer.

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An intricate and detailed plotline filled with intrigue, tragedy and excitement can mean only one thing, Final Fantasy has returned. As the undisputed father of the role-playing genre, the Final Fantasy series has spanned over a dozen titles, a movie and a huge range of merchandise. Players can now re-experience one of the most famous games in the series, with improved graphics and added content when Final Fantasy IV Advance launches on the Game Boy Advance on 2nd June 2006 across Europe.

As Cecil, the leader of Baron’s elite Red Wings force, the king tasks you to recover the world’s most powerful elemental crystals, from other peaceful nations, whatever the cost. However, after questioning these actions you are cast out and soon uncover a sinister plot, which left unchecked could result in the end of life as we know it. With your close friend Kain at your side you must set off on an epic adventure that literally takes you from the depths of the earth to the furthest side of the moon.

This game follows the classic roleplaying genre established by its predecessors. Players must travel the world, visiting towns and dungeons and defeating the hostile creatures they encounter. Friendly characters met along the way provide vital information and clues, which help Cecil unravel the mystery surrounding the king’s strange behaviour. Each battle won or task accomplished earns the player experience, earning enough points will cause the character to ‘level up’ making them more powerful. Players can also upgrade their characters with new and better items and equipment.

As well as all of the great features which made this game such a huge success when it launched on the Super Nintendo in the US and Japan back in 1991, Final Fantasy IV Advance features a number of additions and updates to enhance the gameplay. The first and most noticeable change will be the vastly improved graphics and sound, not only have the background visuals been improved and enhanced, but new character portraits have also been added during conversations.

Final Fantasy IV Advance also features an entirely new 50 level dungeon featuring new creatures and ultra hard bosses to defeat. This dungeon allows players to easily level up their characters before accessing the end game content. The new bosses in this dungeon also drop brand new ‘ultimate weapons’, which will help tip the balance in favour of your team.

If you want to re-experience one of the greatest adventures of all time, or simply want to play an enthralling and innovative role-playing game, Final Fantasy IV Advance is a must-have title.

Final Fantasy IV Advance launches on the Game Boy Advance on 2nd June 2006 for the estimated retail price of around £30.

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