Analyst: PS Vita could sell 2.5 million in Japan by March 2012

By on August 14, 2011

And 8.5 million units by March 2013.

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Japanese analyst has predicted great sales for Playstation Vita when it releases this year in Japan. According to SMBC Nikko Securities’ Kazuharu Miura, the awaited handheld could move 2.5 million units by March 2012, with software sales reaching 7 million units during the same time frame.

By 2013, when the system will be available worldwide (hopefully), Miura predicts the system to sell about 8.5 million units, with software sales touching 28 million units.

Sony admitted during E3 that it expects to suffer losses on the system for at least three years. Miura has put a figure on that as well, saying it could cost Sony $65.12 per system at first, and then $32.56 per system during the end of fiscal year 2013.

Miura said the numbers are subject to change depending on the software available for the system.


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