Why the Xbox 360 \”apparently\” sold more?

By on January 4, 2009

Our take on the November NPD results.

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The internet exploded in flames after November’s NPD sales figure came to light. An epic fanboy battle was waged with the defeated still nursing their wounded egos. But, things are never what they seem. Apparently, the Xbox 360 sold more than the PS3 for the month of November and every major website like CNN and Cinema Blend who know absolutely bull crap about gaming suddenly rose to the occasion trumpeting the gloom and doom of the PS3. Websites like CNN might be good for news but for gaming? That’s like buying a porn movie for its plot!

So, here I am wondering why the Xbox 360 sold more and my gaming buddies actually answered that question for me. In the Middle East, the Xbox 360 is more famous than the PS3. Why you ask? Because of the 360s large volume of "pirated" games. Yea, that’s right… I’ve actually had 5 friends in the past 2 weeks buy the 360 just so they can play pirated games downloaded off torrents and they twitch their nose at the mention of the PS3 saying, "Yea, they got good games but, you can’t play pirated stuff on them". All this when I though PC gaming was the #1 platform for pirates, recent analysis proves otherwise. Titles like Far Cry 2, Fallout 3 and Call of Duty: World at War saw pirated versions of the 360 being released first rather than on the PC. With this widespread piracy problem plaguing the Middle East and several parts of Asia, you’re as liable as stealing a pebble from a restricted construction site. You soon get the picture of the current state of Asia when even well-to-do companies here in Saudi Arabia use pirated software in their computers. So, technically speaking, isn’t Microsoft getting ripped off for selling a console at a loss and further damage when its users are playing "free" games rather than actually purchasing them? That’s not quite a win situation if you ask us. Then perhaps, there must be a more reliable way of determining how good a console is doing? And that in our honest opinion is to compare software sales rather than the hardware.

On a positive note, Sony have succeeded in creating a very solid gaming platform immune from piracy issues (so far). While we wish the next iteration of the Xbox inculcate technology that would make piracy more arduous, we can be glad that the PS3 is (still) Fort Knox!


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