Nintendo applies for “Massively Single-Playing Online Game” patent

By on August 14, 2011

Wait, what?

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Nintendo is looking to create an entire new category of games, or so it seems. The Japanese publisher had filled for a patent earlier this year, that requested rights to the term “Massively Single-Playing Online Game”.

According to a report from Gamespot, the game will allow players to play in an online world sans the multiplayer aspect. However, a player’s action will have an impact on other players, making the game “dynamic, not-based on AI and not pre-scripted like multiplayer games”, and for those who don’t “want to deal with other people, and appreciate the privacy it provides.” The patent doesn’t rule out multiplayer prospects, though.

Nintendo offered some examples of how the patent will be put into use. One was dealing with the economy of the game, which can be affected by player demand for, and scarcity of, items in the world. Another example given was of a player finding building materials in the online world and making a house from it. The next player that drops by the location will not find the building materials, but a fully built house with original builder out of sight. Players can also gossip with NPCs, that will get around town from character to character.

Here’s the more interesting bit, however. The patent was filed for “a home video game system such as Nintendo Wii 3D video game system, a Nintendo DS or other 3D capable interactive computer graphics display systems.”

Wii 3D? It can’t be WiiU since the system does not support 3D (yet). We will keep an eye for that.


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