Sony to replace mugged student’s PSP in recent UK riots

By on August 12, 2011

SCEE does something nice to riot victim Ashraf Haziq.

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If you’ve been following the latest news earlier this week, you would have an idea about the crucial situation in some of the locales in London, and perhaps passed across the story of Ashraf Haziq.

Ashraf Haziq, a Malaysian university student in England, had the misfortune to be severely injured during the unsettling events. Ashraf was bleeding on the street, until supposedly someone approached him to offer some aid, only to find out he’s being mugged by another individual who rifled the content of his bag and walked away with his PSP.

In order to help Ashraf, a website has been launched to seek assistance and “do something nice” for the injured student. Well, that’s where SCEE director of marketing, Alan Duncan, made a comment that the company would “like to give Ashraf a new PSP and games,” while asking for a way to be put in contact with the boy.

Also, Namco Bandai confirmed to VG247 that they’ll be offering Haziq a package of games in support of SCEE’s goodwill gesture.

Ashraf Hazik is currently treated in a hospital after suffering from a broken jaw during the ongoing UK riots, which has spread across the nation’s capital since the beginning of the week. Check out the disturbing clip below.


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