Disgaea franchise heading to PlayStation Vita

By on August 11, 2011

Nippon Ichi bringing a Disgaea 3 port to Vita alongside a batch of new content.

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A port of Disgaea 3 is in development for Sony’s upcoming handheld, developer Nippon Ichi confirmed.

Rumors of a Disgaea game for the PlayStation Vita have been lately floating across the web. Though, it’s now official. Japanese publication Dengeki PlayStation confirmed that a remake of Disgaea 3 is indeed heading to the forthcoming Sony handheld; to be titled Disgaea 3: Return.

Developer Nippon Ichi says that improvements over the PlayStation 3 outing are planned, with the use of enhanced close-up character portraits that are similar to Disgaea 4. Moreover, two new characters in addition to four all new scenarios will be added to the Vita remake and all the downloadable content from the PS3 release will be crammed as well.

The Disgaea franchise has been a long-running series on Sony’s platforms, with the debut release from the tactical RPG being embarked on the PS2 in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness back in 2003.


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