Square Enix confirms FFXIII-2 & Type-0 for TGS, Versus XIII still no show

By on August 9, 2011

Square Enix reveals playable titles in next month’s Tokyo-based show.

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Latest issue of Dengeki magazine received a word from Square Enix that it’ll be displaying some of its big titles at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. But hey, don’t set high hopes for Tetsuya Nomura’s Versus XIII.

As for the playable titles in the approaching event, the Japanese game giant revealed that 3DS iteration of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, Dream Drop Distance, will be available for showcase, including Final Fantasy XIII-2, and Final Fantasy Type-0.

Unfortunately, as mentioned above, the 2006-announced action-RPG project, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, will not make its public appearance, which makes us wonder even more if the game actually exists, considering the very few footage we’ve seen over the past five years. Here’s hoping for a trailer to wet our Versus XIII thirst.

The annual Tokyo-based show kicks off next month on September 15.


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