Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007

By on October 14, 2006

Best golf game! Again!


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First Impressions
My reaction is

One can only wonder how one can improve in what they are doing when they are the best. Take EA for example. Each year they dish out a golf game and each year it goes on to capture the hearts of Tiger fans all over the world. But when they are the best, how can they be better? Let’s find out.
Tiger 07 maybe the best golf game you have ever played, yet. What they have done is add more of everything. It has more players, more courses, and a huge list of game modes that they have two menus just to display them all. The content in this game is so huge that you wonder what EA would do next year. There are loads of options to satisfy each and every die-hard golfers needs. If you feel the opposition is just too easy, you can adjust the difficulty slider for courses, opponents, and even your swing. This gives the experienced players the competition that they deserve while letting the amateurs have a slight edge too. In 07, the player can also choose the type of control that they want. Either the new dual analog system or the old left analog stick is available. PC users still have the mouse and keyboard combination but the choice of a controller is always available.
There are 21 golfers in total and 21 courses too including Bay Hill, K Club and many more. Tiger Woods is known for it’s Game Face feature and it still continues to be the best create-a-face ever. After spending hours in making your character, you can play the Team Tour which consists of various challenges to improve your character’s skills, unlock courses and equipment and a feature to assemble a team of four to take on Team Tiger. You can improve your teammate’s skills also. In addition to Team Tour there are modes like Skins, Skills 18, One Ball, PGA Tour and many, many more.
Technically the game has not improved much. The graphics are good but they have been taken

from 2006’s which have been taken from 2005’s. The commentary is rock solid but you get the feeling that you have already heard the dialogues in the previous versions of the game.
While the single player mode is definitely huge, the online playability can add few more hours to the game too. Online tournaments held everyday by EA will definitely attract players and playing with a friend online can be fun too.
EA has done it again and will keep on doing their best for years to come. They have made the ultimate golf game that a person can have. But what about the competition? Well unless EA can come up with something unique than providing more of everything, there maybe other games that would provide similar interest. But for now, Tiger 07 is definitely recommended for all golf fans.

The Scorecard
So many modes to keep you occupied till 08 arrives.
Not much of an improvement over the previous games.
Good commentary and crowd noise but not a major improvement.
If the single player doesn’t keep you occupied, the online mode surely will.
Definitely good but needs a major breakthrough.


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