Nintendo experiencing “huge challenge” communicating WiiU features

By on August 9, 2011

“We can’t explain them all”.

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Wii Sports developer agreed that Nintendo is currently facing “huge challenge” communicating the various new features of its upcoming home console, WiiU.

When quizzed by Edge, Katusya Eguchi said the company will take advantage of expos and in-store demos to the explain technology further.

“You’re absolutely right, those are just some of the huge challenges ahead of us – getting people to really understand what Wii U can offer,” acknowledged Eguchi.

“We have some experiences here right now – with Chase Mii and ‘shield Pose’ – and we have a great opportunity to give people time to play the games, so we’ll take advantages of expos, conferences and in-store demos,” he added.

“But we really want people to understand how the TV screen and controller screen interact and how that changes the experience. And we’ve come up with a variety of uses. But you’re right, we can’t explain them all, and I don’t even think we’ve thought of them all. I’m sure there are many uses that haven’t been thought of yet.”

Nintendo haven’t put firm a release date on WiiU yet, and have said to expect nothing before the end of March 2012.


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