Woman goes into labor during Skyrim presentation, stays till the end of it anyway

By on August 7, 2011

Not even labor shall shake the dedication of a gamer.

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If your wife/fiance went into labor, the first thing you would do is to her rush to the hospital, right? Maybe call up friends and family on the way there?

Not Chaz and Stevi, though. The couple, who got engaged at last year’s Quakecon, were planning to slip the ring at this year’s to complete the circle of romance, what with a little tot soon to be entering their realm. However, during Bethesda’s Skyrim presentation, the bride, Stevi, got so overwhelmed with excitement that she actually went into labor. However, instead of rushing for their car, the couple chose to stay back to watch the presentation in its entirety before checking in for the delivery.

“During the demo Todd Howard showed off the Frost Dragon. This is what started the whole thing, seeing this must have filled Stevi with so much excitement that it sent her into labor,” Chaz explained to Game Informer.

The couple initially thought the labor was a false alarm, so they waited it out to see if the contractions continued. But we all know it was just an excuse to stay back.

“[We] stayed for the rest of the demo because she is a trooper and LOVES Skyrim.”

And if that wasn’t a show of their unassailable dedication to their games, how about this: they named their daughter Atari Lynn. Oh yes.


Mufaddal Fakhruddin is the Editor for IGN ME and thinks writing in third person about himself in an about me section is weird.

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