Over G Fighters

By on October 14, 2006

Over G Fighters comes across as a boring, poorly made title.


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First Impressions
My reaction is

All those who were looking forward to a good flight simulator game for your Xbox 360 might be better off with another one of Ubisoft’s World War based flight simulator — Blazing Angels, because Over G Fighters is a sore disappointment in every aspect of the game with its bland graphics, flat and terrible sound and its very sluggish gameplay.

You play as a pilot working for Energy Air Force, an organization who apparently are the stakeholders to keep the world safe from the terrorists. Simply put, a terrorist organization has threatened world peace and it is upon you to send them back to where they came from. It’s a different story all together that the exact motive for the attack is unclear. But it doesn’t matter because the story is boring and will make you yawn if you try to follow it. There are around 75 missions in the Scenario mode (story mode) and most of them are repeats of what you would be doing most of the time. The mission structure is branched, i.e., you won’t be playing the whole 75 missions consecutively as all the branched mission eventually lead to one of the many main branches.

The graphics of the game doesn’t help much either. This has to be the worst looking Xbox 360

title ever. The landmass looks bland, they are empty with low quality textures and it really looks like a blast from the past. Even the explosions are simple and not very nice to look at. The only saving grace is the plane models which are decently detailed and look very much like their real life counterparts. The cock pits dont look bad either with decent amount of detail. There was no issue with bad frame rates as there is hardly anything heavy to render.

The audio is terrible with its jarring rock music. The voice acting is even worse. The character’s voice has no expression at all and is amazingly flat. The explosions and the plane sound okay but they are nothing more than average. The English translation is done very badly done too. I would rather listen to my custom music then suffer this torture. The sound forces you to turn down the volume as its irritating with all noise especially coming from your mission orators who just wouldn’t stop talking at the start of your mission.

The gameplay isn’t fun too as it becomes too easy to play giving no real challenge. All you have to do is lock to a target and fire that missile which will be bang on target almost all of the time. The controls are sluggish. It makes you take the controller and smash it around your expensive console. The planes do not operate properly. The game also feels very slow. The land below you moves slowly as if you were going on real slow speed which removes the adrenaline effect from the game. The AI is average on default difficulty giving no to low challenge.

You can also hire a wingman to help you clean off your enemies but they always seem to be in God-mode as they never go down by the enemy attack even though sometimes they report they have or ask for your help.

Among the positives are that you have tons of customizations for your weapons and there many fancy planes to unlock though you might have to play through missions again and again to get the planes unlocked. Your pilot also has statistics which improve as you play through the missions but they are of no real use as there is very little difference of your pilot’s skills.

The multiplayer has two modes, the Arena and Versus mode which can hold up to 8 players

through Xbox Live. In Arena mode you can join any of the four teams which consist of two players and fight against each other. Versus mode is nothing but the team mode. The multiplayer is more fun than the story mode as players get skilled in playing and gives more of a challenge but it is not enough to make you play for hours eventually leading to boredom.

With its decent multiplayer, boring story mode topped with equally boring graphics and terrible sound, Over G Fighters is hardly worth buying especially not with its high price tag for a very mediocre product. Unless you are a extreme flying simulator game fanatic or are truly bored it’s not worth investing in this title.

The Scorecard
Sluggish controls with repetitive missions
Bland and poor in quality, the worst looking title on Xbox 360
Bad voice acting with terrible background music
Good multiplayer and branched mission structure
One of the worst Xbox 360 title up to date


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