Diablo III will be fitted with ‘always-on’ DRM

By on August 1, 2011

All modes in Blizzard’s RPG will require a constant Internet connection.

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Blizzard today announced that it’s hotly anticipated RPG Diablo III will require a constant Internet connection to play. This applies to all modes in the game, including the single player campaign.

Now before you go blaming Ubisoft and their supposed success with piracy, Blizzard’s reason to implement the DRM was to combat hacking.

“In both Diablo and especially in Diablo II, I think the intuition for a lot of people when they’re playing the game is ‘I want to make my character offline away from that scary battle net environment. And then once I have this powerful character, I’ll jump online.’ But the problem with that concept is we can’t really detect if they’re cheating. They might have the capability to hack their character, things like that, so at that point we can’t really allow that character to be in the battle net environment. Then they’re going to have to restart their character, which is exactly what happened in Diablo II, which was really unfortunate.”

“Your character will be online on battle net the moment you start playing,” said Pardo. “You can play a solo experience like you would in Diablo II, it’s just your character is on Blizzard’s servers and authenticated.”

Players will be able to create upto 10 characters and store it on Blizzard’s servers.


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