MEGamers Modern Warfare 2 Tournament Coverage

By on July 31, 2011

The battlefield of true skill!

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The Flamingo Cafe was the center of the action last Friday as some of the best FPS players in the country flocked in to participate in our Modern Warfare 2 tournament.

The battlehorn was set at 5pm, and after the initial tweaks, it was a nonstop ‘action-fest’ of some truly nail biting matches. We had a few drop outs, some teams were unable to locate their team members apparently, but those who did make it ensured heart pounding action and some fantastic come backs.

The tournament hit the epic scale in the finals however, as team MOH A and Team WET fought closely for the title. There were three rounds for the finals: Search and Destroy, Domination, and the tie-breaker, Team Deathmatch. MOH A were clearly the crowd favorites, what with having players with a remarkable skill of gunning you down within a second after they have spotted you. However, the unseemingly players of WET proved a little too hot to handle, humbling the favorites to a loss of 4-1 in Search and Destroy. MOH A made a fighting comeback in Domination, winning the round, and ushering the match into the final, tie-breaker round of Team Deathmatch. What ensued was a thrilling neck-to-neck showcase of superb skill and amazing team coordination. The game went down the wire till the very last minute, which you can watch below, where WET raced ahead to grab the champions title. The winners (each) won some sweet Razer gear, including a DeathAdder gaming mouse, Carcharias gaming headset, Goliathus mousepad, and a specialized messenger bag.

Tournament winners Team WET holding their well fought for Razer gear.




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