The 7 Games You Can Play (Almost) Lag Free in the Middle East

By on July 31, 2011

You can still have your fix of the frag.

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Crysis 2

The most surprising one on the list, what with the massive backlash by the community over the “poor online support”. But let’s not get into that, we don’t have much to choose from. There are no regional servers for Crytek’s shooter but a host of servers from Fragnetics does enough to provide us with our fix of…frag…netics…ahem.

We got a ping of 100-130ms most of the time with almost no ‘sense’ of any lag. I racked up K/D ratios of 14/8, 10/9 and my personal best, 25/10, and those are good indicators of how well the game plays out.

Servers: CRASH Standard 6 – Assault Stand 4 – TIA PRO 2 – TIA Standard 1 – IA DLC TIA 15 – TIA STANDARD 8 – EXTRACT STAN 7 –


Bad Company 2

DICE’s shooter has lost some of its luster after the announcement of Battlefield 3, however Bad Company 2 still remains a top notch shooter and widely played among the online fraternity.

Unfortunately, the nature of the game is such that, due to its highly accurate representation of the weapons and well, the battlefield, even a slight bit of lag is troublesome. It’s most noticeable when engaged in a long range gunfire. You know the player should have been dead when you started the fight, yet he remarkably moves out of the way and plants you one in the head. Even on servers with ‘decent’ pings of 140ms, the lag plays too much of a factor to be really enjoyable.

There is some respite though, in the form of a Saudi server hosted by one of the country’s ISP. Especially for Saudi players, the pings should be amazing. For others, it should border around 50-100 ms, which should be good enough for most matches. Unfortunately, the server only hosts matches for the Conquest mode, so you are pretty much stuck with that.

SaudiNET –

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