Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team Review

By on July 26, 2011

A cold appetizer.

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First Impressions
My reaction is

Warhammer 40k: Kill Team, meant to be an appetiser for Space Marine which arrives later this year, adopts the classic dual-stick shooter genre. But does it leave us drooling for the main course or end up with gamers losing their appetite, let’s find out.

You don’t need to have played any previous games from the Warhammer world to understand what this game’s story is about. Basically, an Ork Kroozer is approaching your planet and your job is to raid it and destroy it before it gets to its destination; nothing too complicated there.

The controls aren’t too complicated either, with the left analogue stick used for movement while the right controls the aiming and shooting. You melee using A, and special-attacks are controlled through LB. You’ll spend most of the game smashing those buttons trying to fight off hordes of Orks, while walking along corridors.

Unfortunately the gameplay doesn’t evolve much beyond that. Whether it’s the first or the last level, 95% of the time you’ll find yourself running along a corridor, with enemies emerging out of regularly spaced doors, and the objectives almost always revolve around you shooting an object till it’s life meter runs down. I’m not saying that the gameplay is boring however; the sheer number of enemies and the satisfaction of mowing them down provides a lot of enjoyment, and the increasing strength of the enemies makes it quite a challenging game.

Some more variety would’ve been welcome though. There is an attempt to make the game more interesting through the unlockable weapons and perks. For each of the 4 space marine classes that you can play with, there are 2 increasingly powerful weapons that you can unlock. The unlockable perks have effects such as extra health, faster special-attack charging, more damage etc. You can pick 2 perks when starting a mission and can change these during the mission via loadout stations. These perks and weapons are great to have as they make the fighting a lot more easy, but you never really feel any incentive to go out there and gain points just to unlock those perks.

The campaign’s 5 missions can be completed alone or with a friend in local-only co-op. The co-op is a much more enjoyable experience due to the much higher number of enemies, along with the ability to share power-ups and revive each other; making the gameplay even more frantic. Online co-op would’ve been a great adittion, especially when it comes to survival mode where you must fight off hordes of enemies for as long as you can; hopefully online gameplay in some shape or form will be present in Space Marine.

When it comes to visuals, Kill Team will by no means awe you with it’s textures or character models but the art-style and palette suit the game very well, and make it a good-looking game in the end. Animations in the game are below par, and the slow-mo scenes show that killed enemies show no sign of damage at all while blood just consists of random red flashes around enemies.

The game doesn’t do much better when it comes to sound. The music and sound-effects do a decent job, but I found the voice-acting and dialogues quite annoying; the cheesiness is evident with every one of your actions, even walking a few feet down a corridor, being asked to be done in the name of the emperor. This annoyance is compounded by another slightly unrelated issue: being unable to skip the cut-scenes which seem to drag on forever, with little or no information being conveyed to the gamer at times.

Overall, the game is not technically the most brilliant out there and has its fair share of flaws. By doing the basics well it does manage to be fun, but is it fun enough to compensate for those flaws? I don’t think so.

The Scorecard
Fun and satisfying, but could've evolved a bit more to avoid some of the monotony later on.
The art-style and colours used make the game look quite good.
The voice-acting and dialogues are simply not good enough, with the music and SXF not being too special either.
The campaign is far too short, and the lack of online play is a downer.
Slaying Orks is fun, but this enjoyment does diminish towards the end.
The raw entertainment is there, but the shortcomings make it a disappointing game.


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