3DS vs PS Vita – Who shall reign?

By on July 25, 2011

A look at the three most important aspects of the new-gen handheld consoles.

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With the 3DS currently out in the market and the PS Vita soon to follow by the year’s end it seems that we are finally entering the next generation of portable gaming. The 2 dedicated handhelds are at it again replicating the competition between the PSP and the DS of the previous generation. In the past couple of years it was pretty clear that the DS dominated the PSP both in terms sales and amount of great software available. However the PSP still did amazingly well and was loved by the core audience that preferred a console experience on the go.

Yet currently we are heading for a different scenario that doesn’t seem to be leading up to a clear easy win by Nintendo. This time around Sony played all their cards right by announcing an amazing launch lineup, a competitive price point, and an array of truly unique features exclusive to the PS Vita. The competition is definitely going to be a lot closer than it ever was. We are going look at 3 important aspects (Price, Software, and hardware) in order to get a better understanding of how each system fairs against the other.


As soon as the price of the PS Vita was announced at Sony’s E3 2011 press conference I knew that Nintendo was in trouble. Sony learned from their previous mistake of pricing their hardware at a premium price. They instead decided to take the initial blow and sell the PS Vita at the price point of 249.99 USD (Wi-Fi Model) and 299.99 USD (3G+Wi-Fi Model).

The Wi-Fi model hence goes head to head against the 3DS which is at the exact same price point.  This can cause all sorts of problems to Nintendo because now both devices are sold at the same price and people will be thinking twice before buying a 3DS. Nintendo no longer has the price advantage they had back with the PSP and DS. Initial price was a heavy player in how the PSP and the DS sold and this time around both systems are equal in that category.

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