Bulletstorm didn’t make profit for Epic

By on July 25, 2011

Still, publisher expresses satisfaction upon shipping “AAA content”.

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According to the president of Epic Games, Mike Capps, Bulletstorm didn’t return with cash to speak of. However, the company isn’t regretting development of the game.

The collaboration project between both Epic and People Can Fly “didn’t make money for us,” Capps told Kotaku.

Capps, however, instead of mourning the lack of profit, he insisted that the company is satisfied in bringing something different, instead of cashing on another Gears of War entry.

“The studio has shipped AAA content,” he said. “The next thing we do with People Can Fly will be great.”

Epic’s current project, Gears of War 3, releases this September on Xbox 360.


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  • JohnR

    Price gouging non-American steam gamers might have something to do with it. Most Australians won’t pay $70 for a $30 game, and people from other countries are not stupid either. Maybe if they stop trying to rip people off, they might sell more games.

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