Modern Warfare 3 two fresh screenshots emerged

By on July 24, 2011

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  • Kenneth Spaziani

    Wait, didn’t I see this game last year? and the year before? and 2 years before that?! (World at War I did not include as that was a World War 2 setting again, and didnt look exactly the same, even though it played the same) -yawn- Hey guys get excited over the same game you’ve bought ever year. when you could buy something else, and just keep buying the garbage launch (laggy and buggy online for a month on launch?!) of Black Ops and hop on there for 10 minutes or whatever when you want. Its the same damn game. (OH NO THERES NEW PERKS. AND KILL STREAKS. AND … Okay its the same Fn game)   Get BF3, Get your singleplayer with Skyrim.  Learn what gaming is about…. Fake Infinity Ward is the biggest joke in gaming.

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