Atlus needs a distribution partner to release Catherine in PAL

By on July 21, 2011

Developer lacks infrastructure to releases games in PAL territories.

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Atlus’ horror-erotica puzzler Catherine could come to PAL countries if the developer manages to find a distribution parnter, says the company’s PR and sales manager Aram Jabbari.

The anime-styled game was announced for release on July 26 in the USA, however it seems players in Europe and other parts of the PAL world will have to wait for quite some time before they can have a go. Speaking to Joystiq, Jabbari said the company lacks resources and infrastructure to release games outside of the US. He citied the studio’s previous titles, Persona 4 and 3D Dot Game Heroes, as examples, which were distributed by Square Enix and SouthPeak games, respectively.

Catherine has been receiving rave reviews for its unique style of gameplay and presentation. The game currently sits a healthy 83% on Metacritic. It will be only soon before a publisher gains interest in the game and decides to invest. Don’t expect the game to release in the UAE, though.


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