AMD: Next Xbox can support Avatar like visuals

By on July 18, 2011

Processor manufacturer reveals what gamers can expect from Microsoft’s next game console.

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AMD’s Neal Robison has single-handedly made millions of jaw drop by revealing that the next Xbox from Microsoft will be able to render Avatar like visual effects.

Robison made the bold statement during an interview with OXM. Even current PCs are unable to render such graphics, let alone the fact that it took thousands of computers to render a single frame in Avatar. However, we have seen how Epic’s new Unreal engine looks like, and that is certainly possible with current PC hardware.

The AMD exec also said that A.I and physics will be bumped up as well. In an example, he said that NPCs in games like Grand Theft Auto or Saints Row could behave independently than have a hive mentality. Each NPC would behave like an individual character, and could react to your actions completely differently than the each other. That’s incredible achievement if you consider the scale of things.

Robison did not hint on when Microsoft will be announcing its next console, but after knowing what the next Xbox could hold, we are not sure if we are willing to wait any longer.

[Source: Examiner]


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