Casey Hudson celebrates 10K Twitter followers with ME3 character art

By on July 18, 2011

Meet the new beefcake.

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One of the best things about Twitter is the giddiness it gives you when your follower base bloats to massive numbers. It makes you do good things, like was the case with Casey Hudson who celebrated his 10,000 Twitter follower milestone (10,600 at the time of writing) by releasing a body shot of one of the new character from Mass Effect 3.

The character is called James Vega and belongs to the soldier class. He was described as a man unfamiliar with the current state of intergalactic politics in the May issue of Game Informer. The character is meant to reflect the perspective of a new player experiencing the franchise for the first time.

Mass Effect 3 will invade retail in March next year. It will be available on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

[Source: Twitter]


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