Witcher 2 on 360 to look as good as “medium settings on PC”

By on July 14, 2011

The console version will also be rebalanced for better play.

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The Witcher 2, other being a great RPG, packed some seriously solid visuals, and you have to be loose in the bolt to disagree with that. Of course, such high visual fidelity comes at a cost – a PC that is capable of running the game on max and still live to tell the tale.

Naturally, eyebrows cocked in suspect when developers CD Projekt announced that they would be bringing the game to the Xbox 360. ‘How will the game match to the PC version?’, players thought. How will it look? Will I get to laugh at my console friends while I play the game at max on my uber PC? Well, we have answer to that today, oh and it’s a definite ‘yes’ to that last question.

In an interview with 360 Magazine, executive producer John Mamais said that the Xbox 360 version will be “comparable to at least the default medium settings on PC” in terms of visual performance. However, he assured that the developers are using “clever” tricks to pack in as many visual effects as possible, especially some of the post processing features. So it might look a bit better than the medium settings.

Mamais was also quizzed on the ‘difficult’ first hour on the PC, which had poor balancing and inadequate tutorial. He said that the Xbox 360 version will be “completely rebalanced” – in what ways though will be revealed some later in the year.

The producer also shot down hopes of co-op play, and of bringing the original Witcher on consoles.


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