Lego Pirates of the Caribbean 3DS Review

By on July 13, 2011

Captain Jack Sparrow gets Lego’ed.

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First Impressions
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The Lego games are well known for their humorous reimagining of various popular franchises such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, and even Rock Band. It seems that no franchise can run away from being turned into countless blocks of construction toys. The gameplay of the Lego games in general relies on their massive amounts of collectibles and fun straight forward action adventure gameplay. Lego Pirates of the Caribbean is the latest addition to the Lego games series and it’s based on all four of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Lego Pirates of the Caribbean on the 3DS does a solid job of showcasing how fun Lego games can be.

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean goes through the storyline of the four Pirates of the Caribbean movies in the order they occur. It groups stages by the movie they relate to and hence the game consists of 4 main story arcs. The main storyline is told through a series of humorous cut scenes that are well made and look great on the 3DS. Because Lego games don’t have voice acting in them , the cut scenes heavily involve use of sound effects to convey what is going on to the player.

You access the story mode as well as other parts of the game through the main hub location which is the city of Port Royal. You can choose to drop in and out of the story mode as you please and can instead play the areas you have unlocked without any Story restrictions in the free play mode. This provides a great amount of replay value as there are plenty items and characters to unlock even after you finish the Story mode.

The gameplay of Lego Pirates of the Caribbean involves you controlling various characters from the Pirates of the Caribbean universe in order to get through the puzzles and challenges presented in each stage. Each character in the game has different abilities and attributes which need to be used to get through certain obstacles around the stage. Regular combat against enemies involves you mashing the attack button to defeat them or using special attacks exclusive the character you are playing. The controls on the 3DS version feel responsible and overall the game delivers a fun gameplay experience.

The 3DS version of Lego Pirates of the Caribbean isn’t heavily dumbed down from the console counterparts. For the most part you will be going through the same areas and the game does look pretty good on the 3DS. There are however a few sacrifices to the game such as a changed “Boss Battle” mode. In the console versions once you encounter a boss you get into a large scale combat fight. In the 3DS version it is replaced with this new system which involves you completing a series of quick time events in order to defeat the boss. Although players might feel left out from the grand scale combat battle of the console versions, the 3DS’s system still does a decent job of providing exciting boss fights.

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean is a fun and enjoyable action adventure title. It offers a fun engaging gameplay experience, tons of replay value, and a solid use of the 3D effect on the 3DS. The 3DS version of Lego Pirates of the Caribbean is definitely one of the best Lego games out there and is a title that should not be missed if you are looking for a compelling action adventure title on the 3DS.

The Scorecard
An action packed fun action adventure experience that does a good job of keeping you engaged.
The game offers solid visuals and a great use of the 3D effect in terms of depth, however background do lack quite heavily in texture depth and detail.
Humorous character sound effects and great music from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.
There are a lot of collectibles and unlockables in the game; however they eventually get repetitive as they tend to involve you doing the same thing over and over.
The game provides a fun experience which however can feel repetitive after a several hours of play.
Lego Pirates of the Caribbean on the 3DS does a solid job of showcasing how fun Lego games can be.


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