Industry Update: Gaming and Smartphone Stats in the Middle East

By on July 10, 2011

We find out the platform gamers prefer and the Smartphones they use.

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We recently completed the second GamesFest event on the 24th of June, 2011 at the Dubai Festival City. The event was attended by over a thousand gamers from the Middle East and from that, a sample of 118 gamers was selected to get an idea of their gaming and Smartphone preferences. The following graphs show what we found. Each graph is followed by a brief commentary.

1) Results show that the PC is still the primary gaming platform amongst our audience with the Sony PS3 not so far behind. The Microsoft XBOX 360 came in at a distant third with less than half the gamers using it a their primary gaming system as compared to the PS3.

2) This question allowed the users to select more than one answer and not surprisingly, over 73% of our audience games on the PC. What is surprising is the number of people that use portable devices for gaming with the PSP coming in first, closely followed by the iPhone.

3) When we asked our audience on the number of games they buy per month, we were not surprised to find out that over 50% buy at last one game per month. In fact, over 86% buy at least one game every three months which is an extremely healthy sign for the industry.

Following some information on their gaming preferences, we moved on to find out what they prefer when it comes to Smartphones.

4) The iPhone proved to be the most popular Smartphone amongst gamers, however, the lead was not as considerable as we were expecting. BlackBerry and Nokia are currently quite popular with gamers as well. Surprisingly, Android based devices came in very low- lower than people that don’t even own a Smartphone!

5) However, when asked which device might be their next Smartphone, we see Android taking a huge leap with over 30% showing interest- only bested by the iPhone at over 42%. Expectedly, not many people want Nokia as their next device although surprisingly, BlackBerry held up well.

6) Our final question was about Mobile App purchases and thankfully, over 50% of our audience buys apps for their Smartphones- a very healthy sign for the mobile apps industry.

In summary, PCs are still very popular amongst gamers followed by PS3s. As for Smartphones, the iPhone proved to be the device most gamers have or want.


Abbas Jaffar Ali is the founder of and a blogger, geek and self-declared tech pundit who can't stop talking about technology. Find him on twitter as @ajaffarali

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