Final Fantasy Type-0 is 80 percent complete

By on July 8, 2011

Still won’t hit store shelves before this fall.

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Popular Japanese publication Famitsu is reporting that upcoming portable role-player Final Fantasy Type-0 is near 80 percent done, while citing that a delay is still a possibility.

Type-0 was originally due to launch sometime this summer in its home turf Japan, however, according to director Hajime Tabata, the infamous PSN downtime has most likely led to the fact that the game won’t be out before this fall.

Elsewhere, the magazine says that the PSP-exclusive will pack around 30-40 hours of play time, and players who look forward to “fully” roam every single quest will be able to squeeze about 100 hours of play through.

Square Enix is also planning a downloadable version of the game, with Square Enix Members connectivity being offered – much like the affair treated in The 3rd Birthday.

Oh and one more thing, apparently the Type-0 version of Shiva is “sexy”. Shouldn’t be a bad thing, right?


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