Memorex PS3 Quad Controller Charging Kit Review

By on July 6, 2011

A simple charging solution for your PS3.

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One of annoyances with my PS3 is that I don’t always remember to plug in my spare controller for charging. I’m happy that the PS3 controller doesn’t need heavy battery packs like other controllers, but if like me you forget to charge the controller, you’re going to have to keep a rather long USB cable nearby. Lucky for me, the good folks at Memorex have whipped up a handy charging station for your PS3 controllers, so you never run out of juice.

The Memorex PS3 Quad Controller Charging Kit comes in a sleek black finish, emblazoned with LED charging indicators for your gear. The charging station will charge up two standard PS3 Sixaxis controllers, as well as two Move or Navigation controllers. Simply unpack the base unit, plug in the Move base stations if needed, and slide in your controllers. At first attempt I couldn’t slide in the Sixaxis controller smoothly, so it make take a bit of practice to get it right. When charging the unit’s LEDs glow red, and change to blue when a controller is ready. The base unit and Move base stations have rubberized feet which help keep it sturdy, and the unit can be used either horizontally or vertically – though charging the Move controller horizontally looked kind of awkward. It took just under half an hour to recharge a fully-drained Sixaxis controller, which wasn’t too bad.

The one quip that I have about the unit is that it would have been better if it had USB ports on the back to plug in additional PS3 peripherals. I have a Sony PS3 Bluetooth headset and keypad, both of which I frequently use and often forget to charge them. I tried to connect either device to the base station, but it was a bit fiddly so in the end I just left these two plugged into my PS3. If you’ve got more controllers then you’re just going to have to recharge them in turns – an option to swap out a Move base station with another Sixaxis station would have definitely been a bonus.

As is, Memorex have done a good job with a no-frills charging station for your PS3 controllers. It looks elegant, does the job, and won’t blow your budget (in fact, check out competitions page to win one!). Additional USB options on the device would have been great, but it’s hardly enough to stop you from picking up this sleek little PS3 helper.

Love: blends in along your PS3, sturdy and modern design

Hate: additional USB charging ports or Sixaxis base stations would be a bonus

Rating: 4/5


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