Rumor: Resistance 3 to use online-pass system

By on July 6, 2011

Unverified pack shot suggests Sony might use an online-pass system for its upcoming shooter.

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Developers have found a new scapegoat to blame for its game’s poor performance, and this time around its second hand game sales. To combat the ever increasing problem, EA first introduced the Online Pass System which required users to ‘redeem’ the game’s multiplayer campaign by using the included voucher code. The code would then be tied to the user’s Xbox Live or PSN profile, disallowing anyone else to use the code, hence discouraging second hand sales.

Although the effectiveness of the system is yet to be measured, more and more developers are following suit. Joining the D-team is Insomniac Games, who will be using a similar system for its upcoming shooter Resistance 3, if the pack shot carried by Konsolentreff is to be believed.

Of course, the pack shot is unverified, and so far, no further information has been revealed. There is no word from Sony as well, though we shall ask.

ModNation Racers and SOCOM: US Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo 3 used similar online pass systems as well, so it would be hardly surprising to see if Sony decides to use for its triple-A.

Resistance 3 is scheduled to invade retail stores from September 9 exclusively for the PS3.


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