BioWare hasn’t decided on how Tali will look like

By on July 4, 2011

The mysteriously helmeted chick still doesn’t have a face.

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We might have visualized how Tali may look like already (in our dreams…) but the devs at BioWare are still stumped on the final look for the quarian.

In an interview with CVG, Mass Effect 3 art direct Derek Watts said the team is still mulling over the subject and are still undecided on how exactly to go about it.

“A lot of people want to have her face revealed and obviously people are going to be pissed off either way,” he predicted.

“Like ‘I thought she was going to look beautiful!’ or ‘I thought she was going to be the most hideous thing ever!’ So we’ve had a lot of debate over Tali’s face, but that’s the one we kind of dread a lot.

“We’re always ‘well, let’s talk about something else for a while!’ That’s something we’re going to have to decide.”

Tali wasn’t the only bit of concern, however, at least in terms of art and level design. I mean, how much can you do when the future only has squeaky clean surfaces, with white and grey as the only two color options?

“Videogames look a lot better if you clutter up hallways. It usually looks more realistic. It’s hard to do with clean, plastic, white hallways with the reflective floors you see in some of the movies,” the artist said.

“… That’s hard for us to do. You rely heavily on the lighting and the materials and can you get those reflective surfaces? Can you do it real time or is it all faked? Do you have to flip the level upside down and make part of it transparent? You have to end up faking it and making it as good as you can.”

Maybe they can use DX11? Oh wait, right, consoles…

Mass Effect 3 is scheduled to release on March 12 for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


Mufaddal Fakhruddin is the Editor for IGN ME and thinks writing in third person about himself in an about me section is weird.

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