Disney shuts of Split/Second developer studio

By on July 1, 2011

40 employees given the pink slip as studio closes.

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Disney confirmed that it will shutter down Black Rock Studio, makers of racing titles like Split/Second and Pure.

In May, the studio had suffered massive layoffs, cutting down employee heads to 40. After the studio’s closure, the 40 developers have been made redundant as a result.

Black Rock were currently working on a secret project, but it was unfortunately not “greenlit for further development.”

“Disney Interactive Studios confirms that Black Rock Studios’ current project has not been greenlit for further development, consequently the company informed employees yesterday of the intent to enter a consultation process on the proposal to close the studios,” a statement from the company read.

Since the May layoffs, two studios were formed from it: Roundcube Entertainment and ShortRound Games. We hope the remaining developers gets a place in there somewhere.


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