Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Review

By on June 30, 2011

A minor addition to a solid franchise.

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First Impressions
My reaction is

When Street Fighter IV came out, it was a brave new direction for the franchise, both in the way the game looked as well as with combat. But it quickly won over gamers and became a brutal and fast-paced fighting game. Then Capcom upped the ante with Super Street Fighter IV which introduced more characters and refined multiplayer modes and ultra combos. The latest update to the game is Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, and I honestly think that Capcom can’t fit any more words in the game title. Available as a download for existing Street Fighter IV gamers or as a retail disc on its own, I sat down to see what Capcom had changed around in this latest update.

While the update known as Super Street Fighter IV brought along more characters and fancier tweaks, Arcade Edition only introduces four additional characters and some changes to the way some fighters behave. Though the four characters are quite different from any of the existing characters in the roster, it would have been nice to see other items included as well such as extra costumes or additional fight areas. The four extra characters you have access to are Evil Ryu, Oni, and the twins Yun and Yang. Evil Ryu looks quite impressive bathed in dark flames, and has most of Ryu’s signature moves. He also has the ability to swiftly glide to either side of the screen, which is great for escaping incoming combos. Oni reminds me of a possessed version of Akuma, and has some powerful fireball attacks and can also dart around the screen quite deftly.. Both have similar attacks but handle just a tiny bit differently from each other, so after a few rounds you’ll decide which one you prefer. The other two additions are Yun and Yang who handle as completely new fighters, making their reappearance from Street Fighter III. Both are light on their feet and make up for a less flashy appearance with some hard to avoid combos.

And that’s pretty much where the ball stops – this update does unlock a minor tweak to the Replay mode where you can check out replays of some of the more seasoned players and follow their progress. Graphically the game still looks exactly like the original game, with the same narrated cinematics and over the top special attacks. But apart from the four characters, there’s nothing here to really to talk about. The game forums are abuzz with minor technical changes that certain characters received, but to the casual gamer these will largely go unnoticed.

If you’ve never tried Street Fighter IV, then grab the retail copy of Super Street fighter Arcade Edition for the complete Street Fighter experience. But if you already own either the first or second edition of this game, then you have the option of just grabbing the four extra characters as a download.

The Scorecard
No change to the fast-paced knuckle brawls we all love.
No graphical tweaks in this release, but Evil Ryu and Oni look quite spectacular.
Plenty of blood-curdling screams as you pummel your opponent into oblivion.
With only four extra characters, this isn’t necessarily a must-have addon.
Still a great brawler with some great game modes and battles.
Best suited for someone who’s never played Street Fighter.


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  • Rasha Suleiman

    Awsome! thx for sharing!

  • Rasha Suleiman

    Awsome! thx for sharing!

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