Rumor: Microsoft to unveil next Xbox at E3 2012

By on June 28, 2011

Microsoft to kick start new-gen console race next year.

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When Nintendo announced the WiiU (or Project Cafe initially), everyone and their grandmother proclaimed the device as the first in-line for the next-generation of console race. However, it was soon let out the bag that the system won’t be more power than the PS3 or the Xbox 360, and since visual muscle is where it counts (screw innovation with the controller, right?), the place to be the first one to produce a new console is still up for grabs. And if today’s rumor is to be believed, it might be Microsoft.

A source, “with knowledge of Microsoft’s plans”, reported to BGR that the software giant is all set to reveal the new Xbox at E3 next year. The source is not aware of the launch plans, or about the consoles features, but said that the console was in development since 2006.

A reveal date of next year suggests that the console could be out in 2013, which falls in-line with much of the rumors and speculations pertaining to the console.


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  • Sergio El Halabi

    Sadly, after E3, it seems that MS’ only plan is to focus on the Kinect Technology, which, for me, is downright horrible. Kinect is just one aspect of Xbox, just like Move is for Ps3.

    But with Xbox’s game library getting smaller and smaller after losing the Mass Effect franchise, xbox only has Halo and Gears of War, which is why they are focusing on the Kinect.

    I don’t know what the next-gen console can bring other than more Kinect feature elements, I personally feel that the current gen is more than enough for at least 3 more years.

    The Ps3 is running the Move, 3D and an amazing exclusive library (Infamous, Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, Twisted Metal, Resistance and many other games), I don’t see any reason to even hear rumors about the Ps4 (or any new name) before 2014, for a 2015-2016 release, that is of course, if we all survive the 2012 apocalypse :)

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