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By on June 27, 2011

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

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The tag itself gives you a little insight into the review or on the game as a whole. Sucker Punch delivered a defining experience with Infamous, with a credible storyline, a not-so-norm cast of characters, and the choice of morality. And, they do it again, though it may feel like a déjà vu at times.

Looking at the game as a sequel, it doesn’t feel very different. Which is a good thing, as well as bad. It doesn’t bring anything new to the table, rather just improves on what was already there. One of my main concerns with the original was the enemy AI. It was just too perfect. They could shoot from miles away, and not miss a shot. But in the sequel, it has been dimmed down a bit and gives your character the feel of superiority.

The story picks up right from where it ended in the first game. Kessler prophesized that something called the ‘Beast’ is coming and it is up to Cole to stop it. It is his destiny. The problem is that Cole is not powerful enough to take on this apocalypse. That is where most of the story lies for the sequel. There is a small, not so relevant, side story involving Cole and Zeke; his best friend and biggest betrayer, as Zeke tries to correct his mistakes from the first game. You don’t have to play infamous to understand the story as it is cleverly narrated at the beginning of the game.

The game begins with a BANG, pitching Cole against the Beast. It is precise to say that Cole is overpowered by the Beast and is stripped down of all is powers. He barely escapes and makes his way to New Marias. Zeke and NSA Agent Lucy Kuo, help Cole find Dr. Wolfe; the man responsible for developing the Ray Sphere, as it is the only chance they have to bring down the Beast.

The City of New Marais is one just like Empire City. There are a couple of sky scrapers, there are people walking and cars driving down the street and there are thugs, which in this case is the Militia. Enter Bertrand, the leader of the Militia and a purist, who believes that conduits are evil and has branded Cole the ‘Demon of Empire City’. Not that there were bigger problems at hand, the militia are spread all across the city to hunt down Cole. The basic bunch of Militia are machine gun wielding thugs, while some are more powerful with Rocket Launchers and Mini-guns. Adding to the mix are monsters that look like something the developers took out from Dead Space. They aren’t too difficult to defeat, but larger enemies do cause fatigue as they have hardened shells to bounce off Cole’s strikes. Cover plays an important part of the game, especially in area that don’t have power to recharge Cole. Use it wisely.

Cole’s main powers are his lightning bolts, blasts, grenades and rockets. Pressing R1 to aim, each of the face buttons have a different power. All lighting powers can be upgraded to Level 3, which would make Cole a beast itself. The arrow keys have special powers, one of which is the Iconic Vortex. The gives Cole the ability to launch a Electrical Tornado that will sweet everything in its way, and is useful for larger groups of enemy. Cole can only carry upto 3 special powers at once, and can be collected from dead enemies. Even if Cole is a little power than the thugs, cover is important in almost all cases. Filling every block of the Karmic meter gives Cole a few boosts. These vary according to the path you choose in the game. Nonetheless, playing as Evil Cole is fun.

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The Scorecard
Refines what makes the first game good.
A standard affair on the PS3. Slows down when fighting large number of enemies.
Impressive dialogue delivery and good soundtrack. Flows well with the theme.
With user generated content, I am sure the experience can only get better.
Climbing buildings to collect shards and kill birds. When is that not fun!
A game worth playing through twice to see both sides of Karma. A game for fans and a good buy for the console.
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  • Sergio El Halabi

    No Offence to Mazamil Majeed, but this review is flawed, and I will attempt to point the mistakes that I noticed.

    First of all, you mention that New Marias is just like Empire City, which is not the case at all. Empire City was built on tall building after tall building, and the entire city looked the same. New Marias is based on New Orleans and has a lot variations when it comes to landmarks, cathedrals, graveyards and others. In New Marias, cole even has to travel by boat to several locations, something that is clearly missing from Empire City.

    Also, you mentioned that there is no prize for climbing the tallest building, but did you not know that you get a trophy for falling from the tallest building? And if you climb the THREE tallest buildings in New Marias, you get another trophy…

    You also mention that the game picks up right after the first one ended, which is also wrong, because in the story, Infamous 2 happens two months after the events of the first game, in which time Cole and Zeke get to know Kuo.

    Another wrong thing mentioned here is that Karma doesn’t affect gameplay. Karma in fact affects gameplay more than it does the story, because depending on the way you want to play the game you choose your actions. If I want to go with the Good Karma, I will not throw an Ionic Vortex to 10+ civilians standing next to the enemies, I will have to choose which powers to use no? And plus, you mentioned it yourself that you get powers depending on the Karma, so yea, it does affect it heavily.

    One final thing is the variations in the side missions. I don’t know if you think you are refferring to the repetitive side missions from the first game or not, because clearly you never played the side missions of Infamous 2. Unlike the limited side missions of the first game, this one opens up and the ideas are really interesting to play. You have to watch a prisoner while the cops are away, you have to free doctors from the Militia, you have to follow a beast back to its own lair to fight his entire clan, you have to throw enemy supplies from their boats… and that is just a few of really various and different side missions.

    Also, how is it possible that this review didn’t mention anything about the UGC (User Generated Content)? One of the biggest features in the sequel is the lack of multiplayer game and the add-on of the “Create your own Mission” and then uploading it to the servers for others to play… There are even 3 trophies dedicated to this….

    I don’t want my comment to be taken the wrong way, I just want to see this website do better when it comes to game reviews, since this is the first of its kind in the Middle East…

    Thank you for the read

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