E3 ’11: Resistance 3 Preview

By on June 27, 2011

We face off against the Chimera one more time…

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One of the earliest games that I played on the PlayStation 3 was Resistance: Fall of Man. The game sported a gritty storyline and gameplay, and had some great action sequences and re-playability. This year at E3 I was happy to check out a demo of Resistance 3, releasing soon from the evil minds at Insomniac Games. The game resurrects a lot of what was great from the first Resistance game, while still incorporating new gaming elements and of course some terrific enemies.

Story-wise you play as Joseph Capelli (fans will remember him from the second game) who gets talked into one last fight again the Chimera, who have destroyed and taken over most of the United States. Your mission is to head to New York and close a portal that the Chimera is using, and along the way you’ll meet up with several resistance groups to aid your mission. Though the demo was brief, it showed off plenty of Resistance 3′s potential, so there’s certainly plenty to look forward to when the game releases later this year. We started off in a town that was being ravaged by a severe dust storm, caused by the Chimera ships descending to obliterate the area. Dust covered everything and made visibility quite difficult, adding to the tension as the level was explored. As soon as we had stepped out onto the street, we were ambushed by the Chimera and the mayhem began.

The level showed off some of the standard Chimera soldiers and units that we’ve seen in the previous two games, but also showed a fast-moving unit known as “Longlegs”, which would jump from roof to roof to avoid gunfire. The only way to kill these annoying grasshoppers was to tag them with a homing shot and then watch your shots hone in on your elusive target. Weapon favorites like the Auger also make a return, and every weapon now has unlockable upgrades that are awarded not based on how often you use a weapon, but on how well you polish off enemies with it. It’s a balanced reward system that proved to be quite useful against the hordes of enemies we came across in the demo.

Unlike Nathan Hale from the first two games, Capelli doesn’t regenerate health, so staying behind cover and grabbing health packs are essential to staying alive. The Chimera AI have been given a fair bit of tweaking, and nimbly dodge grenades or sneak around to ambush you. At one point during a fight with a large charging Chimera unit, we fled to the rooftops in the hope of escaping the beast, but it simply jumped up onto the roof to pursue us. The game also supports 3D, and snapping on our Sony 3D glasses really brought the game to life.

Resistance 3 looks quite slick, and easily brings the franchise back on track to be one of the Playstation 3′s signature titles. With a more robust weapon upgrade system, new and improved AI and a variety of missions to conquer, Resistance 3 is shaping up to be a great title with plenty of action for fans of the franchise.


A former IT & Marketing Manager turned full time Editor, Nick enjoys hurling fireballs and tinkering with the latest gadgets. Follow him on Twitter as @theregos

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