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By on June 26, 2011

Costumes, games, and giveaways – what more do you need?

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We then had the FIFA tournament, which as was the case last year, provided the most cheers and entertainment as players battled it out on the field. 72 players were eliminated over a series of matches until the final rounds loomed. Tensions were high as each goal was scored, until at long last a winner was named amidst deafening cheers and whoops of celebration. Faris came in first place, winning a Xbox 360 and a Linksys router, followed by Farsal and Qutaiba in second and third place respectively. Even after the FIFA tournament ended, there were plenty of players showcasing their skills in a game that is much cherished by the region.

We sadly had to call off the Black Ops tournament due to unforeseen technical difficulties beyond our control that was preventing the game from launching properly on some of the PCs. Nevertheless, all the Black Ops players were given two complimentary games and we will be definitely holding the tournament in the near future to claim a winner for our kick-ass PC and some awesome gaming swag.

Following up the tournaments was the Cosplay competition – this was something new to GamesFest and there were some great participants in our contest; notable mentions go to Princess Peach and Wolverine for their fun costumes. After a bit of crowd-posing and some serious deliberations from our judges, the winners were crowned. In first place was Ujala Ali Khan who came dressed as Juri from Street Fighter – her awesome costume nabbed her a 320GB Playstation 3 bundled with Infamous 2. In second place was Art Ace Samson, with Nashua Abouelola rounding off our winners in third place.

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