Sucker Punch hiring for the “next big thing”

By on June 23, 2011

inFamous developer working on a new PS3 IP.

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Sucker Punch, the studio most recognized for both the Sly and inFamous franchises, has already started beavering away on its “next big thing”, according to a recent job posting.

As mentioned on Sucker Punch’s official website, the studio is seeking new staff; specifically an art director to “push the visual bar even higher”, a senior producer, a lead sound designer and a senior game designer to work on a new game.

Moreover, according to a job listing hosted by Gamastura, the developer is looking for a senior producer to work on a new project, with only the PlayStation 3 being listed in the platforms section.

Sucker Punch’s latest project, inFamous 2, hit retail shelves earlier this month, with Sly Cooper: Thieve in Time currently in the pipeline following an E3 announcement.


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