Rumor: PopCap Games to be acquired for $1 billion

By on June 23, 2011

Causal game makers in for the big game.

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The inter webs is abuzz about a possible buyout of casual games king PopCap Games. According to rumors, lead by TechCrunch, the company is looking at over $1 billion in buyout money.

Multiple contenders for the games studio have been rumored, including Facebook powerhouse Zynga, who has been making a string of game-related purchases as of late. Other possible contenders include one Asian and one Chinese company, apparently both massive in their own domain and looking to break into the mainstream market. However, according to ‘multiple sources’ at TechCrunch, the buyer is most likely going to be Electronic Arts.

PopCap Games are the developers behind the massively popular Bejeweled series and Plants vs Zombie games. The company had raised $22.5 million in October 2009, and were rumored to exploring the idea of doing an IPO.


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