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By on June 21, 2011

Is gaming on a triple monitor setup worth it?

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First Impressions
My reaction is

If you have been reading my blogs on the tech section of late, you will probably know that I made myself a new PC to enjoy gaming in all it’s glory. The way it happened is that I saw our senior editor Taimoor testing Need for Speed on a triple- monitor setup for GamesFest and I instantly knew that I gotta get me one.

Two weeks and few thousand Dirhams later, I had my rig ready and started installing a few games I’ve been wanting to get back to such as World of Warcraft and StarCraft II as well as some games that I’ve been wanting to try out such as Rift and Civilization 5.

So with my three screens in action and Bose speakers pumping out the sound, I was all prepared to be blown away by the experience. Sadly, the experience was closer to a whimper than a bang. Starcraft II didn’t want to work on three screens and WoW made everything on the two side screens appear stretched and un-natural whic gave me an instant headache. Rift and Civilization 5 looked better but after a nice hour session, my neck felt incredibly sore with the constant turning between the three screens. That was the pretty much the last time I fired up a game on my shiny new setup. I think triple screen gaming is best for arcades where you have short bursts of gameplay in a very controlled environment.

So, are the monitors headed back? Actually no. I really enjoyed Windows desktop spanned across the three screens with my emails and tweets on the left, the browser in the center and widgets and small apps on the right. And productivity apps don’t necessarily require fast and timed actions, allowing me to turn my head at my own pace preventing any cricks. My gaming sessions have gone back to a single screen- the center screen. But now, while gaming, I can continue to check my incoming emails and tweets on the remaining two screens. Simultaneous business and pleasure- that’s what I tell myself to convince me that I’ve made a good investment.

System Specifications:
Core i5 2500K
ECS H67M-2 motherboard
8GB Corsair DDR3-1333
ASUS Xonar Sound Card
Corsair 750W PSU


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