Naughty Dog: Work on Uncharted 3 multiplayer started even before Uncharted 2 was finished

By on June 20, 2011

New multiplayer campaign promises customizable content, tired unlocking system.

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Adding multiplayer to a largely single player experience is always considered as a foolish move, however Naughty Dog had showed how its done. Uncharted 2′s multiplayer was a resounding success, and even after 2 years of its release, players a still flocking to the campaign in numbers.

Now, Uncharted 3 is around the corner, and the team is promising “new ideas” and better customizable content. Also, surprisingly, the studio said that it had started working on the multiplayer for the game even before Uncharted 2 was finished.

“We’ve been working on it since almost before we finished Uncharted 2,” said lead game designer Richard Lemarchand in an interview with Gamespot.

“Building out new multiplayer maps, and coming up with ideas for new both competitive and co-operative game types.

“We’ve added in a ton of customisable content, including customisable player characters, customisable symbols that people can use for their clans, and that appear in-game, and a whole tiered unlocking system of boosters, which players can buy with in-game cash to give them a little bit of a leg-up in the multiplayer sphere.”

Lemarchand said that Uncharted 2′s multiplayer success has been extremely pleasing for the company and has encouraged them to make the multiplayer component for the upcoming sequel.

“We have a big, very enthusiastic player base who are still playing a lot a year and a half after the release of the game. So that gave us an excellent springboard to make the multiplayer component of Uncharted 3.”

Uncharted 3 is scheduled to release sometime in November exclusively for the PS3.


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