Crytek dismisses rumors of having Microsoft’s next console

By on June 19, 2011

Also confirms Crysis 2 DX11 patch, to release shortly.

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Crytek has denied rumors of the firm possessing Microsoft’s next Xbox console, to Gamespot today. Last week, rumors flew that the German team was working with a nex-gen Xbox console that used DX11 technology.

Crytek told Gamespot that it does “not have any next generation hardware from Microsoft” and has no idea when they plan to announce a new console.

At the moment, Crytek is focusing on “pushing the boundaries of what current technology can bring”, and is also working on its CryEngine “under-the-hood technology” which will be a “next generation engine for all consoles.”

The firm also confirmed that it plans to bring the much awaited DX11 patch for Crysis 2 “shortly”. They did not ponder over a release date, or even the rumored Timesplitter sequel.


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