Capcom hints at returning back to series’ roots in Resident Evil 6

By on June 15, 2011

Survival-horror aspects of Resident Evil might return in series’ next major installment.

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Capcom has teased that Resident Evil may very well go back to its origins in the next major entry, with traditional survival-horror atmosphere and puzzle-solving gameplay aspects reimagined in the franchise.

Speaking with fan site Rely on Horror, a Capcom representative assured the developer is fully aware that fans have been longing for a return to the horror-driven type of story, instead of the full-blown cinematic type of action gameplay.

“We know that alot of fans want more horror back for the next one, the development team knows that as well and we read a lot of comments, messageboards, and ask for feedback, and there was a lot of critisism about RE5′s focus on action,” the rep said.

“I think that you’ll like the direction the dev team is shifting for the next one.”

Resident Evil 6 is yet to be officially announced, but with that being said, it’s more than hailed to witness a nostalgic survival-horror release.  What do you say?


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