Tretton: PSN hack was a “wakeup call”

By on June 15, 2011

SCEA CEO believes over 70 million PSN users have returned after the month long downtime.

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Speaking to New York Times, Sony Entertainment America CEO Jack Tretton admitted that the recent attack on its Playstation Network was a “real wakeup call”, promising a much more secure system from now on.

“We have been ever vigilant with everything that has been happening,” he said.

“If you read the newspaper, you realize that there are companies being bombarded with people trying to hack them all the time. Yet, this was a real wakeup call we had to go through. Now we feel our systems are more secure that they have ever been.”

Tretton believes that “more than 70 million people” of the 77 million PSN accounts have returned to the platform once again, and expects a fresh wave of new users during the Holiday period, as well.

“We have over 90 percent of our customers back right now — more than 70 million people. We expect you’ll see an influx of new people as new games come out this year,” he said.

Further on, when asked if Sony wants to deter customers from modifying their systems, Tretton said that the term ‘modifying’ is a “misnomer”, the company would promote independent development but not hacking to play pirated software.

“There’s a real misnomer there, we embrace independent game development; if you call that hacking, then we embrace that. We give people tools that let them create new experiences. What I don’t think we are in support of is someone trying to hack our device to pirate software and possibly collapse the platform.”


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  • Anonymous

    Will the PSN hack  be bad for my computer?

    • Mufaddal Fakhruddin

      For your ‘computer’, no not really. However, if you had a credit card associated with your PSN account, there is a good it may have been compromised. It is best to change any passwords and relevant login information asap.

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