Ubisoft: Beyond Good & Evil 2 needs more power

By on June 14, 2011

Sequel to the action-adventure title too ambitious for current-gen consoles.

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Ubisoft today explained some parts of the reason why its anticipated action-adventure Beyond Good & Evil 2 won’t be making it to the current-gen consoles.

Speaking to Eurogamer, series creator Michel Ancel said that the project is too ambitious and will need more power than what the present set of console has to offer.

“I think we are still thinking about what we have to cut to fit on today’s consoles, what we can improve. We really want to make the game perfect and as good as possible without cutting things. There is special gameplay that we really want to keep but it needs a certain power.”

Ancel wasn’t forthcoming on any new details about the game, which was revealed back in 2008.

“I’d prefer you to see it when it is ready because it is something special to play,” he said.

He explained why the development took so long, saying he took a break to develop a new Rayman game.

“After working on Rabbids, I then jumped into Beyond Good & Evil 2 for a long time. The development is advanced but we need more time to go further because with the hardware and the engine we have to improve it.

“So we took a little break and decided to make a 2D Rayman game because today’s consoles are capable of really incredible 2D graphics and nobody has really used those abilities to display very HD pictures at 60FPS. In parallel with that, we continue with Beyond Good & Evil.”

Beyond Good & Evil was a spectacular failure in terms of sales, even despite receiving decent acclaim from critics and those who played the game. The game got a HD re-release last year, which was better received than the original. Ancel believes that the enthusiasm and appreciation shown towards series after so many years negates any fear of the IP loosing any luster.

“We put a lot of our time, our energy, our patience into that game. So we were disappointed by the results,” said Ancel of the original.

“At the same time, today we’ve been asked more about this game than any other game that Ubisoft has done in the same period. So this game is the one that people are really focussing on today. So it encourages us to continue on Beyond Good & Evil 2.”


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