Steelseries Ikari Laser Mouse (White) Review

By on June 14, 2011

The re-colored old champ still packs a punch.

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Wait, Steelseries Ikari? Isn’t that old? Well yes, it is – it was released back in 2007. So, why are we reviewing it? Well, firstly, it’s in White. If we have learnt anything from the Apple Fanboys, White editions are a pretty damn big deal. Secondly, Ikari is Steelseries’ flagship product, and having never used one before, we just want to know what the fuss is all about and how it stacks up against today’s champs – namely Cyborg R.A.T 5, and Razer Mamba.

Almost five years after production, Steelseries has decided to give its best-selling gaming mouse a makeover. Gone is the dull black of the yesteryear, and in is a fresh coat of shiny white plastic. If you compare the two versions, you will realize that it was probably a good move. The white plastic, which covers the entire body except the sides, adds a little bit of flare to this gaming mouse which otherwise looked pretty generic and boring.

If you notice, the Ikari is shaped like a closed fist – with a protruding thumb rest, long main clicks, and a large bump near the bottom side to accommodate the third finger and the pinky. Steelseries says that it took them upto 15 months of continuous scientific doodle-daddle to land on the ‘perfect’ shape, which it says is adaptable to any style of gaming, whether fast or slow. All we will say is its 15 months well spent. Due to its peculiar shape, or rather unconventional form, the Ikari did take time to settle in. When I first landed my palm on it, the odd bump on the side immediately created discomfort to hold the mouse. Hence, I felt I was loosing precision and hold over the mouse. However, after about a week later, after my fingers adapted to the large surface, I now truly love how comfortable the mouse is. That, and thanks to its four massive Teflon feet, the Ikari literally glides on the cloth surface that I use and offers an unprecedented ‘feel of movement’ that I have never felt with other gaming grade mices.

Moving on, the Ikari features two simple side rockers which are extremely easy to reach thanks to the great design. Just across them are two bright white LED lights that indicates the DPI setting it is currently at. Unlike most mices these days, the Ikari only supports two DPI profiles, which I believe is actually pretty great as in most needs and purposes, I have only ever used two DPI settings (normal and really low), and having the option to just switch between the two settings eliminates unnecessary hoops. Of course, if you use more than two DPI settings, this is an immediate problem, and one that cannot be addressed.

Flipping the mouse over, you will see a tiny rectangle LCD screen that displays the profiles name. The profile and its name can be set via the bundled software. This is a handy little tool that directly relays the information you need without having you to remember which profile light belonged to which.

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