Soul Calibur V to boast around 20-30 characters, half will be new

By on June 11, 2011

Namco’s weapons-based brawler is only 15 percent done.

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The next installment in Namco’s celebrated fighting franchise, Soul Calibur V, will boast a line-up of 20-30 playable characters, in which half of them will be totally new to the series, the company has revealed.

“We’re anticipating somewhere between 20 and 30 characters, of which about half of them will be entirely new characters and half will be returning,” the developer told CVG.

The firm has only revealed a handful of combatants in the sword-fighting brawler; however, it’s been confirmed that newcomers Patroklos and Pyrrah – the sons of series’ veteran Sophitia – will lead in Soul Calibur V.

As for the development process, the developer stated that the title is “only 15% done”, with plenty of more content to be added.


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