E3 ’11: Ten cool things about E3 this year

By on June 10, 2011

We list 10 things worth mentioning about E3 2011

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Taking a break from all the gaming action, I thought I would provide a little bit of a distraction with a list of things that I found to be interesting or cool this year at E3. Ready? Here we go!

10. Into the Pixel

Into the Pixel is an exhibit that features works of video game art, selected by a panel of jurors from a field of submissions gleaned from artists around the world. The exhibition offers an opportunity for published video and computer game artists to be reviewed and recognized by the public and by their peers in both the fine art and video game worlds. Some of the artwork and sketches that go into making a game is simply stunning, and Into the Pixel helps recognize that work. See what was on show at E3 2011 by clicking here

9. Gaming T-shirts

It wouldn’t be an E3 without some sort of geekery, and sure enough gamers strutted their stuff in their favorite gaming gear. From Kingdom Hearts to Mario to Warcraft, there were a good number of gaming t-shirts being worn with pride.

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