Pilotwings Resort Review

By on June 8, 2011

Get ready to fly over Wuhu Island!

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First Impressions
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Are you familiar with Wuhu Island? Remember that Island you roamed around while playing Wii sports resort? Yeah, Pilotwings resort is set on that same island. The difference here however is that Pilotwings resort , as the name implies, focuses on flying different aircrafts around in a series of challenges instead of playing sports mini-games as you did in Wii sports resort. Although it may seem that Pilotwings resort has a lot of rehashed visuals and limited gameplay options, it does present a fun experience that shows off the new 3DS hardware capabilities very well.

Pilotwings resort consists of 2 gameplay modes: Free flight mode and Mission flight mode. In Free flight mode you can enjoy roaming around Wuhu Island with your choice of aircraft. Throughout your flight you can collect various objects that are then used to unlock more content in the game. The mission flight mode on the other hand presents you with a series of challenges for each of the aircrafts available. There are 5 classes that you play in: Training, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. You are required to finish one class in order to gain access to the next one and they each progress in terms of difficulty and variety of missions available. Through playing the mission flight mode you are able to unlock different types of aircraft as well as models for each type. The challenges you face are quite fun and diverse and offer a really great casual experience on the go.

In terms of controls Pilotwings resort has a different control setup for each type of aircraft. The controls are fairly easy to use and give you solid control over where you want to go and the speed at which you fly at. The camera however can be sometimes frustrating as it may just not show you what you are supposed to be looking at in some moments. The 3D effect in the game really assists you as you are flying your aircraft around by giving you a good sense of depth of objects in the background. This doesn’t revolutionize the gameplay or anything like that but it just uses the 3D effect really cleverly to benefit you without having to force any unnecessary 3D implementations.

While Pilotwings resort can be really fun at times, it can end very quickly depending on how much fast you finish up those challenges in mission flight mode. The game lacks any multiplayer modes and doesn’t have any kind of leaderboards to compete even with people globally or even on your friend list. Hence the experience feels short and you won’t have much to do after finishing the main mode of the game. That being said Pilotwings resorts does to the 3DS what Wii Sports resort did to the Wii, it showcases the systems’ capabilities in a fun and exciting manner.

The Scorecard
There is a diverse amount of challenges to choose from and flying over Wuhu Island with your favorite aircraft is quite the experience.
Visuals are solid for a 3DS launch title but the game uses a lot of rehashed visuals from Wii sports resort and doesn’t give the textures enough detail.
Nothing fancy; Just a bunch of bleeps and bloops.
The main modes don’t take so long to finish and there are no multiplayer options or leaderboards implementations to keep you playing on.
The challenges are a lot of fun and finding the collectables all around Wuhu Island is pretty interesting.
Pilotwings resort does a good job of providing a fun go to experience that makes good use of the 3DS hardware features.


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