Hirai: Sony expects to make profit within three years for PSV

By on June 8, 2011

As with any new console, Sony will be selling the Playstation Vita at a loss.

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Sony packed quite a punch when they announced Playstation Vita for $249 for the WiFi-only model, surprising industry folks and gamers alike as initial expectations crossed the $350 mark, what with the technology packed into the system and Sony’s past history in pricing its products ($599 for a PS3, anyone?).

However, like most new consoles, especially when it’s tightly priced to compete with existing products, Sony will be selling the Playstation Vita at a loss, according to Sony products head Kaz Hirai.

He didn’t specify the exact amount, though the company expects to start making profit on the hardware within three years. Hirai  said that he hopes that Vita sells more units that the PSP, which has shipped 70 million units since launch.

In a separate statement, SCEA president Jack Tretton said that the PS Vita will release in Japan within the year, though it could come out later in some other territories.


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