Radical: Prototype 2 completely different from inFamous 2

By on June 6, 2011

Developer believes the two games can co-exists peacefully as they are different from each other.

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Radical Entertainment is brushing off any comparisons between inFamous 2 and its upcoming Prototype sequel, saying that the two games are entirely different and can co-exist in the same space.

“The first InFamous was really cool and the second one seems to be shaping up really well,” design director Matt Armstrong told Eurogamer.

“But we offer something completely different and there’s space in the market for both games”.

Armstrong also promises a much more refined sequel, saying the studio had taken a lot of feedback from players and critics, and have ironed out much of the issues with the gameplay and story.

“The things reviewers saw were the same things we saw,” Armstrong said, giving the game’s difficult plot as an example.

“We had a main character in Alex Mercer who wasn’t always as aligned with his powers as we’d hoped,” he said.“There’s something very special about this game and this time around we’re coming out with something that’s a big expansion of all the things that were good about the first game, while simultaneously addressing all the things we were never really happy about,” Armstrong added.

Prototype 2 scheduled to release in 2012 for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


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