Anomaly Warzone Earth Review

By on May 31, 2011

Tables have turned in the tower defense game, now you attack to defend the earth.

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First Impressions
My reaction is

Anomaly warzone earth by 11 bit studios is a PC game that reverses the tables in a tower defense game. Instead of setting up the towers, you will be controlling a wave of units fighting against the invading alien towers.

The story is setup in a scenario that something has fallen on earth in Baghdad and Tokyo; and it has created an anomaly on earth: a region of unexplainable phenomenon. To find out more ground troops must be sent in this anomaly zone to explore. But whatever it is, the aliens don’t want you to reach it, by creating defensive turrets to hinder your path. Thus, your overall mission will be to counter the turrets, and save your team till they reach their goal.

The game is given a very action oriented control scheme. Although the game itself is viewed from birds eye view, yet [;ayer controls a commander directly on the ground rather than acting like an invisible god figure from space.
The units under your command are your main firepower. You decide what formation they take, what route they take, what type of more units to buy, which units to upgrade etc. There are variety of units as expected. As you play you unlock new units.The enemy turrets likewise are of different variety and you must find and exploit their weakness (range, speed, action radius etc) to really gain the advantage.

The commander tactics are what puts a pace of continuous action in the game. In other turret defense games, you would just place turrets and just “look” how it goes. When starting this game for first time I was expecting same thing that you decide route of troops and then “look” how it goes. But that is not the case at all. Every second you are involved. You zoom out to blueprints view to change routes of units every now and then.

You will be switching the formations of units to gain tactical advantage against different type of turrets, or for units own safety. Plus your major task as commander will remain “tactical support” commands which include powers like repair, smoke, decoy, air strike etc. You setup these zones which temporarily provide your units advantage. Proper and timely usage of these powers, and salvaging them on battlefield will keep your commander occupied all the time. Thus giving a very lovely action pace to the game.

One more thing I really commend in this game is the mission structure. If you have played Blizzard RTS (Warcraft 3 / Starcraft 2) and other RTS games then you would have seen a huge difference in mission structure of Blizzard games that each mission is a unique experience. Anomaly Warzone Earth delivers that beautiful variety of flavor in missions. Even though core mechanism or gameplay is same. But you will be doing variety of stuff in each mission, like rescuing, escorting, gathering back scattered units, clearing drop zones, crippling enemy shield generators and what not. This really helps keep things fresh as compared to other stale tower defense / anti tower defense games.

Other than the brilliant story mode there is also a free play mode in which waves after waves of tougher alien turrets are evolved on battlefield and you will be given time limits to complete the different objectives. This adds the needed longevity to the singleplayer only game.

For perfectionists there are lots to look forward, with online leaderboards, difficulty levels, steam achievements, medals for how fast, straightforward, brutal etc you were in each mission. These add lots of replay value for those who just don’t wanna wade through the game.

The game surly is bang for the buck. Even though made by a fresh indie studio and priced as an indie game; there is nothing short of a AAA quality in this game. From brilliant graphics, special effects, voice acting, cinematic feel to hours and hours of gameplay hidden in this title. Two things that I look forward to in this game are a level editor and DLC. Currently no word from developers have come regarding these two things. But they will be really essential to prolong this game. Developers are currently busy in releasing this game for iOS devices, but hopefully once that is out of the way; we will surly see some more free / paid DLC coming out for this gem.

The Scorecard
Lovely pace of game, lots of things to keep you occupied. Variety of mission types.
Sharp visuals, beautiful special effects and lovely use of light and shadows.
The voice overs are spot on. Although music is forgettable but suits the mood.
Price is sweat. There ain't no multiplayer, but free mode will keep you occupied.
If sweaty palms is your definition of fun then it sure will be fun.
One of the best indie games you will play this year for sure. Rivals AAA games.


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