Blog: Sony’s massive screw up

By on May 29, 2011

Sony needs to learn from its mistakes.

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The PSN finally came back (PSN Store excluded) after a 22 day period of complete shutdown. If you have locked yourself from gaming news for the past 2 months, then you might have not known that the PSN has been breached and millions of customer data have been compromised by “unknown” hackers. This is in fact one of the largest data breaches in history and is definitely one of the biggest (if not the biggest) crisis Sony has ever come across. This data breach left a vast amount of Playstation gamers frustrated due to several different reasons and rightfully so. A lot of people criticized Sony for how they didn’t have enough security measures to protect their information, while others simply were frustrated with how bad Sony handled the situation after the attack. This left some questioning whether Playstation should remain as their platform of choice or whether they should switch since they can’t trust Sony with their personal data anymore.

Yep, its back folks!

Sony definitely made a lot of mistakes during and after the breach. The most significant problem with Sony’s security is the fact that only credit card information was encrypted, while other regular info were just lying there up for grabs. This left a lot of people dumbstruck; why the hell would you not encrypt all user data?! Now any system can be breached no matter how much security there is, but this doesn’t change the fact that security implementations shouldn’t be the best there can possibly be. Such an amateur mistake from a huge corporation really threatens the image of Sony and especially the Playstation brand on whether they actually care about their customers.

What made the situation even worse was that Sony was trying to dance around for a couple of days until it finally confirmed that user data may have been compromised. To add to that, Sony was not updating their customers regularly on what the status on the situation was. From time to time they would just give these extremely vague statements that essentially didn’t give anyone the information they wanted. This became a drag on that just added fire to the flames.

However, Sony near the end of the outage managed to calm their customers down somewhat by offering free Identity theft protection subscriptions, a choice of 2 out of 5 free games, and a month of Playstation Plus. Sony also prepared a briefing meeting in Japan where Kaz Hirai and his buddies bowed down and apologized for their wrongs. They also fully explained the details of exactly what happened and managed to finally switch back to a progressive road to the restoration of trust between Sony and their customer base.

When are we gonna get back together, oh PSN Store.

The breach and the way Sony handle it will remain a big stain on their name for the short term at least. Sony however is now showing a better attitude to the situation and are quickly learning from their mediocre handling of the situation. Although this won’t convince people who already made their minds to switch back yet, it is a positive step forward. Building up to the E3 Sony needs to crawl its way back to reach back to where it was and continue on forward.


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